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Your mirror transformation begins with our FREE, no obligation In Home Design Consultation. Instead of the hassle of driving to a showroom and toting samples back and forth, we bring our entire frame line to the comfort of your home. This is important, as it enables you to see exactly how each frame will look in each bathroom or space. Most importantly, our design consultants offer their vast experience to make choosing the right frame easy!

Mirrorcle Frames® offers a beautiful and affordable solution to an otherwise time-consuming and expensive project. Our unique process frames the mirrors you already have without tearing them out; saving you time, money, and frustration!

Our custom mirror frames are unique and designed to fit nearly any existing mirror. This will transform not only your plain mirror, but the look and feel of your entire bathroom!

Our installation team members are background checked, friendly, and skilled when it comes to installing your frames. Each installation is a very clean process, as each frame is built entirely offsite in our facility and there is no tear out or removal of your mirror. Our warrantied work is performed in a timely manner, often in an hour or less!

Step One:

Expert Installation

Free Consultation

Every mirror, bathroom, and situation is different. Our knowledgeable design consultants are trained not only in measuring your mirrors, but also in taking into account any and all nuisances to ensure proper frame fitment. Our companies’ experience has led to encountering nearly every possible mirror configuration. Our structured measuring process will give you the peace of mind you need when hiring a home service professional.

Step Two:

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Professional Measuring

Step Three:

Installed mirrors in two of our bathrooms. Very professional from start to finish. We love our mirrors!

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